Atsauksme par SmartClass+ valodu tiešsaistes un attālināto apmācību platformu

SmartClass+ valodu tiešsaistes un attālināto apmācību platforma ir interaktīvs rīks izglītības iestādēm, kas paredzēts daudziem lietotājiem vienlaicīgi. SmartClass+ valodu tiešsaistes un attālināto apmācību platformā valodu skolotājiem ir iespēja sastādīt un vadīt valodas mācīšanās aktivitātes, nosūtot uzdevumus gan darbam klasē, gan arī individuāli.

Viena no izglītības iestādēm, kur strādā ar SmartClass+, ir Jēkabpils 2. vidusskola.
Esam saņēmuši atsauksmi par SmartClass+ no vidusskolas pasniedzējas:



I am writing to express my gratitude to you for those sessions when you taught us how to work with the platform. I must apologize for not having participated in the last session due to my illness, I was on a sick leave. That is why I would like to say a couple of words about my opinion and experience about the platform.

In my view, it is a must have platform for students to practise their English skills in grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening and writing. It is also good for keeping them involved during all the lesson. It is definitely the biggest plus. But, on the other hand, for teachers who just start working with it, it takes quite much time to prepare all those activities. But actually it is necessary just to start, the material will be collected very fast. I know that some of my colleagues who work with elementary level students are already using this platform and they really like it.

As for me, I didn’t have enough time to practise it due to being overloaded (many groups of absolutely different levels) and, second, I was teaching my students to work with Google Classroom as it was clear they would study distantly in the nearest future. So, as a result, we are studying distantly and we use it now for giving and handing-in home assignments. Hard life 🙂! But anyway, when our students are back to school and our life becomes a little bit easier, we’ll try SmartClass+.

So, thank you again for being so enthusiastic, positive and inspiring!

My warmest regards,
Natalia ********.

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